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COVID-19 Purchasing Details

RV’s are essential for many, and are proving to be an important part of people’s lives as COVID-19 continues spreading across the USA. Some roles RV’s play include providing a safe quarantine area outside of homes for perhaps an elderly family member, or family member in the medical profession.  Remote administrative environments outside of hospitals and other medical facilities. And they are often people’s primary residences.  BOE RV stands ready to service the many people that are relying on RV’s in these trying times.  While we have made many adjustments, both our sales side, and our service side remain open.  

Sales / Home Delivery

Adapting our sales practices to the current environment has been a challenge, but our staff has stepped up and already delivered several RV’s to end users. We have a completely “hands off” approach for the safety of our customers and staff, that maintains social distancing throughout the entire process.  The frequently asked questions below will explain the process.  The fact is, there literally has never been a better time to buy a RV.  The interest rates are at all time lows, we have deferred payments for qualified buyers, and our lot is completely full of 2020 models.

How can I view your inventory?

All of our current inventory is listed on our website.  We have actual photos of the units on our lot, along with sale pricing.  

If there is something I like can I come see it?

We do make all units available for “in person” inspection.  If you have found some units on our website that you like just call our sales department at the number above or email us.  You will be given a time slot to visit our store and view the units.  The units will be unlocked prior to your arrival.  You will have the entire lot to yourself as we will not book multiple appointments.   If you have questions while viewing the units you can video chat with your sales rep or call. 

How do we apply for financing?

Financing is easy, just click the link above that says “Financing”.  Fill out the application for a very fast credit decision.

How do we handle the purchase and paperwork?

Your sales rep and finance manager will completely handle the transaction via fax, email and mail. Any documents we send you will have a return envelope included. 

Where do we take delivery?

We will gladly deliver your unit within 100 miles of our Kent island location to a pre-approved delivery location.  This may be your home, a work site, or a campground. 

Do you take trades?

Yes, we do take trades.  We will pre-value your trade with photos provided by you.  When your unit is dropped off, the same delivery person will inspect and pick up your trade. 

How do we learn how to use our new RV?

Our service team and your sales rep stand ready to assist you.  We can show you how to use any feature by walking you through it on the phone or by video chat. We are at your beckon call. 

BOE did a phenominal job delivering our new Winnebago. My father is eldery, and lives with me. I am doing everything I can to isolate him. I bought the new trailer so that I could give him the house while I stayed in the trailer outside. It has worked out great. I literally had no unnecessary physical contact throughout the entire process. Thank you guys!
Neil J