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Used and Consignment Sales

Sales have been HOT.  We sell all the new units we can get.  Many of our buyers do not want to wait for new and are paying a premium for a nice used unit.  Now is the best time to sell your used unit. We can help!  Our program is simple, we will store, display and show your unit to prospective buyers.  We’ll help negotiate the best deal, then handle ala closing paperwork. We’ll arrange financing and payoffs if necessary. A completely “Hands off” transaction for our sellers. 

Details: When the units sells there is a 10% consignment fee due on the selling price. Storage is completely free unless you remove your unit prior to it selling.  We will display it along our Rt50 outdoor showroom.   Maximum age we’ll take is 2010, Minimum value is $10,000.

To get your unit sold please stop by, call 800-643-0655 or email rick@boemarine.com