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We are not in the MD RV Show…again!  Here is why…

There is a 5th RV Dealer in MD.  In fact, we have been selling RV’s for 6 years as an extension of our 16 year old customer focused marine business which sets the standard for service.  We joined the Maryland RV Dealers Association 5 years ago to be a contributing member.  We are told every year by the association “You just need to wait a little longer and we’ll let you into the show. ”  Well, we have waited patiently and it is apparent they are never going to let us into the show.   These are the same dealers that have literally made Pennsylvania and Virginia ban MD dealers from participating in the PA & VA RV shows. 

Honestly, why would they let us into the show?

An RV Show is supposed to be an environment where dealers can show new products and compete for your business in one convenient setting. Well, that is obviously not the case in MD. Dealers will not bring competing brands. They are working together to keep competition out and to protect their high margins

Be a smart buyer and visit the other dealers.  You just might be surprised with the RV buying experience when it is conducted by a dealer trying to earn your business through competitive pricing and policies, not one that is grandfathered into a show designed to give a false sense of competition and good deals.

BOE Marine & RV specializes in Winnebago and Mercedes Sprinters by Midwest.  We also carry Viking travel trailers and popups. Our lines include Class A Gas, Class B, Class C, Fifth Wheels, Toy Haulers, Travel Trailers, and popups. If you are in the market for a new RV do yourself a favor and call or visit us on beautiful Kent Island. 

We are offering FREE Admission reimbursement.  Just bring your wristband, receipt or ticket from the MD RV Show to our Kent Island location from 2/18 thru 2/24 and we will reimburse your ticket fee. While you’re here you can check out the broad assortment of RV’s we have in stock.  And of course, we’ll be any of the overpriced deals you’ll get at the show.  

Join a growing list of the happiest RV’ers in Maryland. See you soon!