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Always Trust Your RV to Certified Techs for Quality & Safety

A good preventative maintenance program will lead to years and miles of reliable service for your RV. We recommend basic services like roof leak tests and bearing maintenance annually. We can also give your unit a thorough inspection annually to replace anything that might be in need. Our service team stands ready to make sure you never miss a day of camping because of maintenance issues.

Recommended Annual Services (Combo price of $185 + $85 per wheel):

  • Seal Tech Leak test – $195  ~ We’ll pressurize your entire unit to uncover even the slightest leaks before they become a problem.  A vital test to be performed every year to detect leaks. Recommendation report.
  • Axle Bearing Service – $95/wheel ~ Our team will remove every hub on your towable unit to repack your axle bearings. While we are in there, we’ll visually inspect your brakes.
Other Routine Services (Combo price of $309 for all services):
  • Diagnostics Services – $50 ~ Includes up to a half hour to identify and rectify complaints. Estimate provided for additional repairs if needed. Parts not included.
  • Start-Up Inspection – $129 ~ Gas leak test, cycle all appliances, test air conditioner/replace filter, purge antifreeze & inspect lines, visual inspection of unit, recommendation report
  • Visual Sealant Inspection – $59 ~ Visual inspection of all external sealants, interior inspection for water damage, recommendation report
  • LP Gas Test – $59 ~ Comprehensive pressure test, test gas appliances
  • Battery Inspection – $49 ~ Inspect condition and water level, load test, clean terminals, test charging system

Winterization/De-winterization (Combo price $249/Trailer, $279/Motorized when paid in Fall)
  • Winterize Trailer – $149 ~ Comprehensive trailer winterization.  $50 per grey/black tank if tanks need to be dumped.
  • Winterize Motorized – $179 ~ Plus $25 per appliance that uses water, $50 per grey/black tank if tanks need to be dumped.
  • De-winterize any Motorhome/Trailer – $119 ~ Drain and flush antifreeze, connect valves, inspect for leaks, put hot water heater into service.

Super Special – Get a comprehensive annual service to include everything for $699 + $85 per wheel. 

*services do not include parts that may be required.